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Organic Liquid Fertilizer From Chicken Manure-20Liter

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Organic liquid fertilizer from chicken manure

Organic Liquid Fertilizer is produced by the fermentation process from chicken manure.
It is characterized by increased content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
Well-balanced macro and micro nutrients contributing to the faster development of the root system and abundant blooms.


The use of organic manure, especially chicken manure , has long been a concern for farmers and gardeners. But due to the problems associated with storing them in fields and gardens, Pests and diseases the use of these manure gradually decreased

Using chemical fertilizers have detrimental effects on soil, human health and the environment because of that  the tendency to use poultry manure has increased again. But the problems with using such fertilizers still persist, and even the costs of using them have multiplied.

The chicken manure liquid Fertilizer of SABOSIB Company has best soil analysis and positive effects on the chemical and physical properties of soil. It can be used  for all crops through a irrigation systems and on land's Soil. In addition by adding Humic acid (organic)  it will prevent  soil salinity.

Organic Liquid Fertilizer prepared from the best and richest Chicken manure through special and advanced methods.
SABOSIB fertilizer has been processed 100% organically and it is  a Chemical Free Product.
It has been processed with High accuracy to increase the density of the organic liquid fertilizer as well as  preserving its natural properties.

SABOSIB  Organic liquid fertilizer is one of the richest  fertilizers compared with the usual Liquid Fertilizers on the market, which has greatly reduced its consumption compared to manure.


Benefits of Using Organic Liquid Fertilizer over Manure:

  • Stimulation of growth and flowering.
  • Promotions of rapid recovery of plants under stress conditions.
  • Increased intensity of photosynthesis and activation processes of metabolism. 
  •  Immediate Absorption by plant compared to manure which is takes years to be decomposed and usable for plants.
  • Sabosib Organic Liquid Fertilizer can be used by irrigation system or by spraying,
    but the cost of using manure is very high.
  • Long – term using of fertilizer gradually alkalizes the soil and increases soil pH
    But long-term use of Sabosib Organic Liquid Fertilizer reduces soil salinity and soil alkalinity properties and improves soil PH and texture.
  • Organic Liquid Fertilizer also reduces shipping, warehousing and workers costs.
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